Clare Gallagher-smallVivid Meaning is a London-based consultancy that helps companies communicate more effectively at home and abroad. Clare, and a team of associate creatives, is determined to equip clients with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to ensure they get their message across vividly. Services include copywriting, language and branding workshops, translation, creative translation, cross-cultural consulting and specialised language training. We focus predominantly on English, German and Spanish speaking countries and markets.

Clare Gallagher is the director of Vivid Meaning. She holds a BA in International Marketing, French and Spanish, and was awarded distinction upon completing an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies. Clare is a creative and passionate linguist who speaks five languages, has travelled extensively and lived in several countries. Her background in training, marketing and management has led her to set up Vivid Meaning with the aim of solving a range of client language and communication issues by combining forces with a team of top-notch linguist creatives. After almost five years in Germany, she has in-depth knowledge of German business culture and the consumer market there, the difficulties German speakers have learning English and the complexities of translating from German to English. A few of the clients Clare has worked with are Deutsche Bank, Timberland and BMW.

A word from Clare: By nature I am a very curious person and love to read widely, essential for language and cross-cultural specialists. I am fascinated by the intricacies of language and culture, the effect they have on how different cultures interact and on companies staying on brand across different markets. I specialise in translating and transcreating promotional texts as it interests and excites me, relates to my marketing background, and I wholly enjoy keeping up-to-date on new developments. This guarantees subject expertise and the client message transferring vividly. To me, helping professionals do business more effectively both at home and abroad by getting round cultural and linguistic hurdles is hugely satisfying.